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What Facebook says about Instachamp?

“We are thrilled that MobileMonkey is launching InstaChamp messaging tools for Instagram. The Messenger API for Instagram will now enable all businesses to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel, while integrating existing tools and data to drive business outcomes.

By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.” 

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger

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Grow Your Followers

Grow more followers each day using 100% approved automations created by Instachamp that will help you skyrocket your Instagram growth. Use the secret strategies used by Industry leaders like Sorav Jain to grow your account.

Boost your Likes & Comments for FREE

Automated real time DM’s for each comment, story mention or message will help you get more engagement and propel you more for more followers.

Never Miss a Lead Again

It's impossible to be available 24*7 on instagram, presenting Instachamp that will allow you to stay connected to your prospects and customers all around the clock ensuring you do not miss a chance to grow your business.

Get More Sales

There is only one clickable link available on Instagram which makes it really hard to divert traffic. Instachamp solves this by automatically communicating with the users based keywords they type in comments, in your DM or when they tag you in stories.

Boost Content Reach

Increase your content visibility in the feeds of people who mention and message your business account. Amplify your reach by incentivizing comments, shares and mentions of your brand by your followers using autoreplies.

This Is The ONLY Whitehat Instagram Marketing Suite That Will Never Get Your Account Banned And Is Totally Approved By Instagram!

Yeah...It’s Kind of A Big Deal. Here’s Why…)

Using blackhat or grey hat tools just won’t cut it anymore. Instagram is too smart and has too many resources to be gamed by scamming software.

There are SOOOOO many horror stories of people trying to get over on the system only to end up in Instagram jail.

The Simplest Way To Automate Instagram

Marketing In Just 4 Easy Steps:

Create your Instachamp Account and setup your bot in just 15 Mins. No technicality involved, even an absolute beginner with no knowledge of bots can do it easily. 

Setup you Instachamp bot for Story mentions and learn the best strategies on how to incentivize your audience on mentioning you to their stories.

Setup you Instachamp bot for Post comments and learn the best strategies on how to use this automation for auto-replying to your customer comments on your posts.

Setup you Instachamp bot for Direct DMs and learn the best strategies on how to use this automation starting a conversation with your ideal audience by targeting their specific keywords.

Learn how we have used Instachamp to grow our engagement rate by 47% and get 1200+ comments and 1000+ contacts from just a single post. 

Here are some features In Instachamp that can grow your Instagram on Steroids  (Also Available for Facebook Now)

Auto Replies

Generate Leads

Drive Traffic

Story Mention & Reaction Trigger


Pre-populate Response Choices

Increase Engagement

Call-to-Action in Posts

100% Instagram Approved

Unlock Bonuses Worth Rs 16,496 if you register before 30th November

Instagram Automation

60 days Content Calender with
Canva Templates

Personal Branding

Case study on how we
generated 1000+
shares and 2.5X the reach

What Makes Instachamp Stand Out?

Good Customer Support

99% Uptime Guarantee

Never Pay

Works on all Instagram Accounts

Official Facebook Partner

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Never pay for an Instagram chatbot and keep growing your followers.

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One Time Purchase of


Enjoy all these features

25,000 Messages/Automations Every Month

No Branding

Image Widgets

Respond to Keywords

Mention Responses

1 Code gives you access to one profile.

 (So,If you have 2 profiles, then you need to buy 2 codes)


Instachamp makes Instagram autoresponders and funnels are possible and simple to set up with InstaChamp. The user experience is fantastic, and it accomplishes precisely what it should. For any business or influencer, it's a must-have. The assistance is prompt and helpful. It's an excellent product for growing your business, and I strongly advise you to use it! There is nothing else like InstaChamp on the market.

Eric Strickland

InstaChamp make Instagram autoresponder and funnels possible and easy to set up. The UX is great, and it does exactly what it should do. It’s a must-have for any business and influencer. The support is quick and helpful. It’s an outstanding product to grow your business and I highly recommend using it! There is nothing else on the market like InstaChamp.

Anita Segismund

We run a multi-restaurant chain with a strong Instagram presence. Implementing InstaChamp has been fantastic as it will auto-reply to any customer that tags us. Additionally, we have been able to set up practical funnels for customers to ask questions, place orders, and even get location information.


First of all - great support. I had an issue (my own fault) and it was quickly and professionally resolved in minutes.
I connected it easily to Instagram, and got started straight away! I can't believe how easy it is to respond to people no matter how busy I am.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is InstaChamp by MobileMonkey for?

InstaChamp is for brands that use Instagram to achieve business goals.

Businesses that get the most from InstaChamp include personal brands like coaches, entrepreneurs, creators and artists, and B2C businesses like D2C and retail brands.

The Instagram Messenger API that makes messaging automation in InstaChamp possible is open to use by all Instagram business accounts.

2. What can I do with InstaChamp by MobileMonkey Instagram messaging tools?

InstaChamp has 3 simple-to-setup Instagram superpowers:

Story Mentions: Automatically direct message (DM) people who mention your Instagram account in their Story

Post Comments: Automatically DM people who comment on posts

DM Replies: Automatically reply to Instagram DMs

While you can do infinite cool things with Instagram superpowers, successful InstaChamp users have one thing in common: A clear business goal they want to achieve. A goal might be:

  • Sell products or services
  • Increase course or training signups
  • Reply to all fans instantly
  • Send Instagram traffic to a webpage

With a clear objective for Instagram activities in place, you can use InstaChamp to automatically send Instagram messages that point people in the right direction to complete your goals!

3. How do I use it? Will you teach me?

Yes we will provide you a course and guide on how to about using Instachamp to its full potential.

4. When can I receive the bonuses?

You will receive them after your purchase.

5. What is a code and with how many profiles can I use that?

1 code is the total number of contacts/messages you can send in a month, i.e., 25,000/Month.

This includes all the automations, be it DMs, Story Mentions, or Post comments.

6. With how many profiles/accounts can I use a code?

1 Code can only be used with 1 Instagram profile. However, you can use multiple codes for a single profile to increase the limit of the monthly contacts and messages.

In case, you have multiple accounts and you want to configure Instachamp with all those accounts then you need to go with multiple codes and use one code for one account.

7. How many times can I redeem a code?

A code can only be redeemed only one time and that too with a single profile.

After redeeming a code, neither you can un-redeem it nor you can use with a different profile.

8. What does "1 User" means in the plan?

1 User simply means 1 profile.

9. Is there a Refund Policy?

No, there is no Refund Policy applicable for this.